I am… 

Cheap yet Expensive 

Deep yet Shallow 

Thick yet Thin 

I’m Full of it. Are Youse

We’re all a mass of contradictions. Upyourselfness is the best psychological shield in a world that has gone crazy

Right now there’s an ugly bitchfight happening between political correctness & freedom of speech

It’s judgement day everyday these days. Paranoia is the new black. And free speech comes at a price

People are getting cancelled more regularly than a known carrier’s domestic flights

Walk thru the jungle of jargon and the hills of hilarity to find our way back to an individual’s true freedom UPYOURSELFNESS Of which, I myself, have a PhDs

“Effie still manages to shock and surprise her audience every time she opens her mouth, which is constantly.” Patrick Macdonald – Adelaide Advertiser 

Upcoming Dates

Adelaide Fringe Festival, Garden of Unearthly Delights, SA
Saturday March 9th & Sunday March 10th

This Is Personal is a candid and intimate one woman show that combines the coarse tapestry of Coustas’ migrant upbringing in Melbourne’s suburbs and
her recent experience of motherhood.

Brilliantly directed by Blazey Best (Well Behaved Women, Sensitive Guys, Kings for Pigs), Mary addresses questions from her inquisitive daughter, her answers forcing her to reflect on what she can offer from her own life experience… and more importantly what she can’t. The audience meets the
hilarious characters from Mary’s family who have shaped her life – including Mary’s younger self who created the suit of armour we’ve come to know as

“I am ready to step away from the puppet and expose the puppeteer”Mary Coustas


Upcoming Dates

Stay tuned for new dates.

“But it’s her signature comedic flair that shines throughout, ensuring the performance is as hilarious as it is (sometimes) heartbreaking”
– Time Out

“This Is Personal’ is an absolute masterclass in theatrical storytelling. Mary Coustas is a seasoned pro and it shows in every minute that she knocks it out of the park at the Sydney Opera House. What a joy and a privilege it is to see a woman “of a certain age” absolutely owning her experience, creativity,
talent, wisdom and most of all her inherited gift “to find the funny.”
– Theatre Travels